Sex Education #102

Barbara Steele

Cinema Indigo #8

(Bud Pollard; 1946)

When Legends Gather #398

Gary Cooper drops by the set of Union Pacific to chat with Cecil B. DeMille while Joel McCrea looks slightly incredulous.

Seminal Image #817

Divorce Italian Style
(Pietro Germi; 1961)

Adventures in European Filmmaking #41

Today's Adventure: British mystery maven Edgar Wallace takes a stab at directing Red Aces in 1929.

Artists in Action #367

Allen Jenkins takes Joan Crawford for a spin

When Legends Gather #397

Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev and Chuck Connors

Artists & Animals #5

Ann-Margret takes a Tortoise for a stroll

Hierophants of Hip Hop #9

Big Daddy Kane

The Golden Age of Publicity #14

Original Caption:

Hollywood -- Liberace, piano-playing idol of women television audiences, revealed that he hopes to marry Joanne Rio, 24, the "Girl of his Dreams", in a year. In an exclusive United Press interview, Liberace confided he had proposed and hoped to marry Joanne within the year "if she really loves me and wants to wait for me." He said concert, television and film commitments would keep him from marrying for a year. Here, the two are shown during a recent date at a Hollywood supper club. (1954)

They Were Collaborators #458

The Sir Douglas Quintet

H is for Hogarth #2

An Election Entertainment (1754)

The Art of Pop #20

Subways Are for Sleeping
(Percy Faith and His Orchestra)
(Columbia Records; 1961)

Annals of Crime #20

Original Caption:

Police are shown carrying out the body of Serge Rubinstein from his Fifth Avenue home where he was found slain today in an upstairs bedroom. Authorities said that the Russian born millionaire appeared to have been strangled. His body was found with hands and feet tied and the mouth taped. It is believed that he died after a "terrific struggle" with an intruder. According to police, "it could have been robbery" but the theory of planned attack was not ruled out. The 46 year old international financier was the central figure of a World War II 'draft dodger' case, and prior to his death had been fighting a deportation order. (1955)

The Art of Cinema #306

The Power and the Glory
(William K. Howard; 1933)

Artists in Action #365

Errol Flynn does standup

Friends and Family #30

Original Caption:

New York -- Gambler Frank Costello, head bandaged and blood on his coat, is escorted by detectives from Roosevelt Hospital. Costello, returning to his swank apartment after an evening out, was shot and wounded by an unknown assailant who apparently lay in ambush for him. According to the superintendent, who witnessed the shooting, the gunman waited in a car. (1957)

This Week's Weegee #39

Joints #10

The Cotton Club

Seminal Image #815

I Vitelloni
(Federico Fellini; 1953)

They Were Collaborators #457

Busby Berkeley and Mickey Rooney

Collect 'Em All #49

Jack Oakie
No. 34 in a series of 50 from Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes
Jack Oakie, whose real name is Lewis Offield, was born on November 14th, 1903, in Sedalia, Missouri, and educated at La Salle High School, New York. Leaving school, he became a clerk in the the office of a Wall Street broker, but chiefly occupied himself in entertaining the other clerks and devoting much more attention to his activities in amateur theatricals. Later he was offered a job as partner to a well-known vaudeville star, and then received a small part in a Laura La Plante comedy Finders Keepers. His latest successes include Murder at the Vanities, Looking for Trouble and Shoot the Works.

Similar Images #7

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
(Robert Wiene; 1920)

(James Whale; 1931)

They Were An Item #43

Julie London and Bobby Troup

The Hitchcock/Truffaut Tapes #14

The Hitchcock/Truffaut Tapes make a tranquil return to this blog.

Under discussion in Part Fourteen are Notorious (1946) and The Paradine Case (1947)

Artists In Action #363

Frank Sinatra gets intimate with the camera.

The Ink & Paint Set #33

Charles Chaplin, Sid Grauman and Buster Keaton in Mickey's Gala Premiere.
(Burt Gillett; Disney; 1933)

Sex Education #101

Isabella Rossellini

Artists & Animals #4

Mary Pickford hoses down a bear cub.

The Art of Jazz #59

Cuban Fire
Stan Kenton
(Capitol; 1956)